Meet The Team At Geology Superstore

Northern Geological Supplies Ltd is the registered name of Geology Superstore. The company is the end tail of one mans career in various fields of science as well as teaching. Barry had initially started the company over 30 years ago (1985), mainly for the fact that he had grown bored of an indoor job (teaching) and wanted to go back to a job which gave him freedom and the ability to work outdoors more. Already having an interest in geology, a backgorund career in meteorlogy and a history of teaching. Barry founded the company in his garage. From there, his little pet project grew, and over the past 30 plus years, expanded to the point where it now needs a small team to keep it running. Below, you will find a short bios of sorts for each of our current, and recent memebers of staff who, without them, Northern Geological Supplies Ltd, wouldn't be what and where it is today.



Barry Roberts
Founder, Director, Consultant.


Founder & one of the directors of Northern Geological Supplies Ltd, Barry started the company over 30 years ago whilst still working as a teacher. Previous to teaching Barry worked as a meteorologist for the British Antarctic Survey. Initially, Barry worked from his garage supplying small hand samples for educational purposes, later this turned into supplying custom rock & fossil sets to E.J. Arnolds of Leeds. Over the years, the company has grown, supplying the educational industry worldwide, wholesale to museums & gift shops, retail to individuals and has become one of the top suppliers in Europe for the supply of geological & mineral exploration equipment. As with any one, age begins to creep up, and Barry, working well past retirment age, decided he required more time to spend with his family, children & grandchildren. In September 2014, Barry began the task of slowly selling the company to his longest working employee, Nitesh. The two are now business partners, with the deal keeping the company within the same hands that got it where it is today, but with a new generation pushing it into the future. Outside of work, his hobbies include mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking,  & spending time with his family.



Barry Roberts In the Sowroom

Barry, shortly before leaving to a conference.  


Nitesh Patel
Director, Logistics, Order Processing, Packaging.


Nitesh joined the company back in 2006, at this point the company was still small, and Nitesh only worked on weekends along side Barry who needed assistance with some of the rock breaking, pressure washing, field collecting etc. Over 10 years down the line, the company, under Barry's supervision and Nitesh's adaptibility between different tasks allowed the company to expand with only 2 people. In 2010, Nitesh began working full time, and the company expanded further to become one of the top suppliers in Europe for mineral & mining exploration equipment. With Barry concentrating on liasing with customers, Nitesh assists customers with advice, gets the large orders together, oversees all logistics of the company & maintains the companies website along with fitting in some of the heavy work he initially began to do when he started working for Barry. Being in the company for over 10 years, & with his experience, Nitesh teaches all new staff about the company, and the tasks the work entails, what Nitesh has been taught from his mentor, Barry, he has mixed with his own unique skills and passed onto the other colleagues. In September 2014, Nitesh, the longest employee at Northern Geological Supplies Ltd has began to slowly purchase the company from Barry. The deal means that the company stays within the same small but dedicated group, but with a younger generation at it's helm. His hobbies include rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, weight lifting, motorcycles, video games & drawing. 



Nitesh enjoying the sun

Nitesh, after palletising goods for a client.



Andrew Morisson MSc Microfossils (Former - Left Summer 2013)
Part Time Assistant.


Andy was one of our holiday workers, who helped out out during his spare time during his holidays whilst he was studying at college and later, geology at Leeds University. Andy often worked with us during his holidays and this has given him a unique perspective from the supply side of the mineral & geological exploration industry (which he had hoped to break into after graduating). An adapatable worker, Andy assisted with many of the heavy duties on site such as rock breaking, pressure washing, heavy lifting and even assisting customers, offering his knowledge which he offered from the perspective of a student. He has also been trained in basic logistics, packaging & managment from his time here. Andy's assistance was crucial in the early years when Northern Geological Supplies Ltd began to break into the supply of mineral exploration equipment, having an extra set of hands made all the difference at  time when the company was still finding it's feet in the sector. His hobbies and interests include hiking, rock climbing, rowing, running & cycling. In 2014, Andy graduated with a 2:1 from the University of Leeds and went on to begin a Masters in Micropalaeontology at Birmingam University in which he obtainined a 1st distinction in the study of Micropalaeontology at a MSc level. In a strange twist of events, Andy was taken on by a brewery company (which he had a keen interrest in) who were seeking someone with a scientific backgroud. It seems Andy fit that description, what ever he wishes to do in the future, we wish him the very best and thank him for the efforts he has put into our company and he still stops by for the occasional visit. 



Andy on a field trip with university

Andy, assesing his notes whilst on field work.


Diane Holgate
Shipping, Packaging, Order Processing.


Diane joined our team in late 2012 to assist with the processing of online orders and packaging. A graduate from the Royal School of Mines, Diane previously, worked for various companies in the North sea on numerous ofshore rigs including working for Gearhart Geodata, Dresser, Exlog, Stat-oil & Mobil. She uses her experience to assist the company and customers in consulting & advising on core storage and general customer service. Like others at Northern Geological Supplies Ltd, Diane will not shy away from some of the more manual tasks which take place, she will also be found pressure washing rough rocks & minerals, assist with heavy lifting, bulk orders and even rock breaking. She's as tough as they come and is especially keen to always assist and pass knowledge onto children. Her presence is crucial as while Barry and Her interests include hiking, gardening, attending her allotment & tennis.



Diane outside Gate

Diane, whilst leaving for the post with orders.  


James Foster (BSc Geology)
Heavy Duties, Logistics & Packaging.


Another recent addition to our team, James joined in the summer of 2013 to obtain a years worth of work experience before he attended univeristy to begin a geology course. Finishing from Canon Slade with a grade 'A' in A level in geology, James, like Andy & Nitesh before him, has proven to be a versatile member of the team, James initially managed the heavy duty side of the business, ensuring stock of rocks & minerals by wieght are toped up, stock hand samples by sizes are full, attending field collecting with Barry and also assists the rest of the team with order processing, goods packaging, logistics and bulk/pallet orders. Like Andy, working here has given James that unique insight to the supply side of the geological industry. As of September 2014, James finished his year working at Northern Geological Supplies Ltd, to begin university, studying geology at Liverpool University. In 2017, James obtained a 1st in BSc geology and in November, 2017 has been welcomed back to the team. With more knowledge under his belt, he is currently undergoing training for a longer tenure here. Whatever James turns his hand too, it is certain he will put in 110%. His hobbies and interests include phyical fitness, weight training and dog walking.



James breaking granite

James, breaking up rock for our box sets.


Jonathan Lambert (Part Time)
Order processing, Website Admin, Packaging, Showroom Maintainence.


Jonathan is the newest addition to our team; he initially worked with us for 1 week as part of his schools work experience programme. After finishing school, he had yet to decide how to proceed in future and so he has joined us part time to assist with the daily duties of Northern Geological Supplies Ltd. Jonathan assists with order processing ensuring all orders are done and shipped out as soon as possible, he is one of the main packers in the warehouse and ensures all items are packed safely and accordingly, from a small hand lens to fragile fossils as well as monitoring stock levels of rough rock and minerals, liasing with Barry when levels drop. While Nitesh tends to procure large scale order, Jonathan assists with the packaging and palletising, ensuring the items are safely packed and well secured on the pallet before international dispatch. He also maintains stock levels of rough rock and minerals, often checking levels and breaking the large boulders down into the small neat sizes ready for picking when ordered by you, our customers. Jonathan also maintains the company’s showroom, ensuring that it is kept clean, tidy and safe for customers, replaces items, pricing and customer assistance when they visit us. Whatever job he puts his hands too, Jonathan always takes great pride in his work. His interests include video games, photography, the outdoors, computing & I.T.



Jonathan, cutting a boulder down for a project.