“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

About Geology Superstore

About Geology Superstore

We are Britain’s leading supplier of mineral exploration equipment, geological tools and earth science rock, mineral and fossil specimens and gemstones.

Geology Superstore is the online trading name of Northern Geological Supplies Ltd. Established over 30 years ago (1985) by Barry Roberts, working out of his garage at home, the company started out by supplying educational rock and mineral sets to ‘E.J Arnolds’ of Leeds, a leading educational catalogue company at the time. Since then, the business has expanded into supplying earth science, educational material & geological equipment worldwide. We have supplied the government of Kuwait, prepared specialist sets for the Science Centers, Rockwatch, outfitted the Hong Kong Geopark of China with a variety of display fossils and have supplied educational geology sets to educational arms of various petroleum companies. Since then, the company has diversified into supplying a variety of rough rock, fossil, mineral & gemstone specimens to schools, universities, government bodies, show caves, gift shops, museums, private collectors, the general public and 3rd parties.



Rocks & Minerals

As one of the leading suppliers of rough rock and minerals in the country, we have as you may expect ammased a vast and diverse range of rocks and rough minerals from around the world on our premises. Due to the fact that the majority of British and Norwegian rock is collected by our selves, we can offer an array of rock and minerals which many others can’t, at prices very few can match. 

Rocks in our Yard 

Image: The rear end of our yard with just a small range of rough rocks and minerals we have on site.



Gemstones, Fossils & Gifts

Due to various connections we have made over the past 30 years with numerous working mines, mineral collectors and international dealers we have aquired a vast variety of gemstones, fossils and gift items. We supply to various sectors, including gift shops, show caves, museums, educational facilities and the general public. Our onsite showroom provides an opportunity for retail customers to browse our range of items; many customers give the same comment upon leaving ‘It’s like an Aladdins Cave this place’.

showroom image

Image: Our retail showroom which display our impressive and vibrant coloured gemstones, fossils and minerals. 



Geological Field Tools

As part of our drive to supply a whole range of items to a wide range of sectors related to geology and earth sciences, we also stock a high number of geological field tools and equipment such as geological rock hammers, compass clinometers, waterproof field notebooks and other items suitable for amateur geologists and students to basic outdoor items such as first aid packs, insect repellants, rucksacks and more.

Tools on wall

Image: A small selection of our most popular geology tools on display at our showroom/warehouse for customers to handle.



Mineral Exploration Equipment

Around 2009, the company diversified further into geological and mineral exploration tools and equipment and has now become one of the top suppliers of these goods in Europe, supplying such goods all over the world. Items such as sample bags, magnetic susceptibility meters, waterproof notebooks, geological hammers, compasses, core trays & much more to some of the most well-known exploration companies across the globe with the majority of our goods being shipped abroad to countries including Sierra Leone, Greenland, Mongolia, Mauritania as well as supplying the recent exploration work currently ongoing in Cornwall & Lochinvar. We have the ability to deal with small to large bulk orders from single cartons to numerous pallets should you require goods to be delivered to your drilling site.

Core tray container delivery

Image: Pallets of core boxes strapped, wrapped and awaiting collection in our yard, ready to go to an existing client.


With over 30 years’ experience in a variety of geological tools and mineral related businesses, whether you require some professional or amateur equipment, samples for collections or educational purposes or that unique gift, we are sure that we can offer the goods and service you require.

Opening times are: 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday.

If you would like to know any more information, feel free to contact us by email or phone us on 0800 112 3115. (+44 1204 388754 outside of UK).

Kind Regards

Northern Geological Supplies Limited


Warehourse/showroom outside view.

Nor geo outside