“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

About Us

We are Britain’s leading supplier of mineral exploration equipment, geological tools and earth science rock, mineral and fossil specimens..

Small Beginnings

Geology Superstore is the online trading name of Northern Geological Supplies Ltd. Established over 30 years ago (1985) by Barry Roberts, working out of his garage at home, the company started out by supplying educational rock and mineral sets to ‘E.J Arnolds’ of Leeds, a leading educational catalogue company at the time. Since then, the business has expanded into supplying earth science, educational samples, material & geological equipment worldwide and to an even wider array of customers.


Above: A large 60 kg amethyst geode which we sold to a musical outfit for their productions and display at their studio.

Above: One of our former valued members of staff. Andy Morisson (MSc), unloading and sorting out an import of rock and minerals that Barry Roberts and our Norwegian consultant Paul McCormick (MSc) had collected from Norway.

Working Our Way Up

Over the past 30 years, the company continued to grow at a steady pace and obtained many new clients both commercial and private whom we still keep satisfied to this day. As this trend continued, so did our range of geological samples. Acquiring a substantial amount of various rocks, minerals and fossils particularly aimed at the educational and collectors market along side basic field tools and equipment for collectors, hobbyists and students. During this time, various members of staff came and went, but their assistance in the company is still highly valued and not forgotten. The addition of Nitesh Patel to the team as a full time member of staff enabled the company to boosts its output, working on new websites, seeking larger logistical services, handling imports and exports as well as day to day orders alongside other members of staff.

Further Progress

In late 2014, long time employee, Nitesh Patel formally bought into the company. With a wide and varied skill set, particularly for shipping and logistics, a geology degree (BSc hons), IT skills and work ethic, Nitesh began to modernise the company to give it an international reach, leading to rapid expansion. Around 2016, it had become clear to us that we had outgrown our current premises, incurring additional rent at another warehouse as well as off site storage containers. It was evident that a new premises must be found. This proved difficult in the market at the time and so the decision was made to demolish the current premises and re-build a new.

In the winter of 2019, J Noon Building Contractors arrived to begin construction on an all new two story warehouse for us, his dedicated team worked through the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 and by the end Summer 2020, the warehouse was complete. Offering us much more space to both operate and store stock in the long term, Nitesh and Jonathan proceeded to structure the business more suited for larger operations to ensure efficiency, structure, knowledge and interest, but on a larger scale.


Above most: Demolition continues of the former grit stone warehouse.

Above: The almost complete new warehouse, 4 times larger than the previous.

Looking to the Future

With a larger space and modern structure to operate from, Northern Geological Supplies can now progress into the future, holding larger quantities of stock of mineral exploration tools and equipment as well as a large range of rough rocks, minerals and fossil samples for educational use, collectors and the general public. With a moderate size team and a more streamlined layout in the warehouse, we now have the capacity to fulfil small to larger orders from packets, to boxes to numerous pallets with the ability to ship all around the world at very competitive rates, thanks to our location to large ports, rail networks and air terminals alongside a dedicated selection of freight service, courier and haulage providers. 

Left: Nitesh and Jonathan loading a container of UCP core trays for a client