“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Geology Superstore’s International Presence


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International Presence

Northern Geological Supplies Ltd is a British based supplier of mineral exploration equipment, field tools and earth science samples. In business for over 30 years, we are one of the leading suppliers of these goods in Europe with a worldwide customer base from Mongolia, to Sierra Leone, from the UK to Greenland and every where in between. We have over 30 years experience in supplying these sectors, but in the modern day, long time experience is not enough. We,however, also have guidence from a range of colleguegues in various sectors (mineral collectors, schools, gift shops etc) and employees (who are or were very recently still students) which gives us a unique perspective into various sectors with various points of views. This wide age range of employees also helps drive the company forward with new ideas mixed with the long time basics which has no doubt enabled us to progress from a local market to an internaitonal standing.


What is Mineral Exploration?

Our main area of business is the supply of field equipment and tools for mineral exploration. Mineral exploration is the sampling, analysis and write up of potential mining, quarrying or dig sites which maybe of interest for ores, fossil fuels or data research. Before a company can begin the extraction of raw materials on a large scale basis, they must first ensure that a particular site has potential economically. Therefore exploration geologists and geological consultants are employed to work in the field and collect numerous samples, sometimes soil, sometimes drill cores or both for lab analysis, this is a long and arduous process and requires a wide range of tools and equipment from basics to specific items.


geochemical sampling 
     Geochemical sampling in the field



What Can We Supply?

Geological Field Tools & Mineral Exploration Equipment.

Well, to put it simnply, just about anything, and nothing is beyond our scope. Such common items which we supply to the mining sector include basic field tools such as geological hammers, compass clinometers, field notebooks, safety equipment and measuring tapes. However, these are often used alongside other items of equipment specifically for exploration use such as rock chip trays, core boxes, a variety of geochemical sample bags, microscopes, drills, magnetic susceptibility meters and more. However, as said, nothing is beyond our scope, we have will attempt to procure anything which is requested, and such items previously have included digital cameras, gas masks, laptops, XRF analysers and more.


container with trays and chocks


Image: A container load of core trays and core chocks due for ongoing exploration in SW England which we supplied.   


Geological Specimens of Rocks, Minerals, Fossils and Gemstones.

We are also one of the top suppliers globally for a whole range of geologicalearth science specimens, including various rocks, fossils and mineral specimens and our own thin section microscope slides. This includes the supply to various educational establishments wihtin the UK and worldwide such as colleges and universitires as well as to various laboratories, charities and ofcourse those with a keen interest in the subject such as collectors. The company was founded by Barry Roberts (whom studied geology) and is co-owned by Nitesh (also a former geology student) and employs a former north sea oil rig worker and various geology students. That means that all staff are fully up to date with geological terms and what is expected within geological samples. The majority of the UK and Norwegian samples are actually hand collected by ourselves with other goods being imported direct through various contact we have made via selling to operating mines. 


Andy with Norwegian rock collection
  Image: Andrew Morisson sorting thorugh 3 tonnes of rock collected by Barry & Paul from Norway. 


Where Can We Ship To?

Where ever you want! Almost anywhere in the world. Our warehouse allows us to deal with both small orders which may be despatched in 1 or 2 card boxes to large pallet loads for bulk quantities and we lias with our shipping agents closley to also ship orders which have been sea freighted in 40 foot containers. Past and current shipping locations include Greenland, Mongolia, Chad, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Ghana, Eritrea, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and more. We can ship directly to an office address or directly to the nearest airport if you are working on site which has no physical address or if you wish, we can prepare an order and you can arrange for your own chosen shippers to collect from us.