Albula oweni Lower Dental Plate

Albula oweni - Lower Dental Plate
Albula oweni Lower Dental Plate
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• Geological Age: Eocene period, 56 to 33 millions years old
• Location: Lee on Solent, Hampshire, UK
• Family: Fish
• Species: Albula oweni

Fish tooth belonging to the now extinct albula oweni, a species which lived over 33 million years ago during the Eocene period, the fossil specimens were found in HJampshire, UK and are quite small, around 5 mm in size. They fed on small organisms with the teeth inferring they were using for crushing food. The samples will supplied in a small plastic bag with a data label.


Albula oweni lower dental plate collected from the Eocene Bracklesham Beds in Lee on Solent, Hampshire. Albula is a genus of fish belonging to the Bonefish family. Today Albula fish exploit brackish or saline waters, they commonly occur in estuaries feeding on benthic organisms such as small mollusks, worms and shrimps etc. This dental plate measures 7 mm in length, it has been some what worn so does not show much detail. The specimen is delicate so is supplied in a small glass cylinder, supplied with an information label. The Bracklesham beds in which this specimen was found are well known among paleontologists and fossil collectors in Britain; they have yielded over 160 different species of fish and the beds continue to be productive today despite having been pillaged by collectors for over 100 years.

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