Amaltheus sp.

Amaltheus sp fossil ammonite
Amaltheus sp.
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Species Name: Amaltheus sp.

Family: Ammonite

Age: Jurassic, Middle Lias, 190 to 182 Mya.

Location: Lozere, France


Amaltheus sp. ammonite fossil collected from Jurassic, Mid Lias sediments in Lozere, France. Amalteus is an extinct genus of ammonite; in Europe these ammonites are indicative of the Pliensbachian stage of the Jurassic. These specimens have relatively compressed, evolute shells; they have a serrated keel and slightly sinuous broad ribs which curve towards the aperture at the ventral margin. The shells measure approximately 3.5 cm in diameter and are supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label. *Note* some specimens may be show fragmentation.

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