Amazonite Egg

Amazonite Gemstone Egg
Amazonite Egg
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Amazonite gemstone eggs from Madagascar, carved and polished, the mineral was named after the Amazon river, where similar rocks were found. They exhibit a graphic texture where the quartz is orientated in one direction, 6 cm x 4 cm in size and an excellent gift pieces, they are supplied with a free egg stand to display them on.


Amazonite gemstone eggs carved from this rare form of feldspar, the pieces come from Madagascar, initially, the mineral was named after the Amazon river in Brazil, where similar green stones were found, it possesses a unique microline graphic appearance, where the white quartz mineral within the feldspar has become orientated in a single direction, giving these eggs an odd puzzling appearance, yet drawing you in at the same time, as if to try and figure the pattern out. They are roughly 6 cm high and 4 cm at their widest point and are sure to make an excellent gift for someone or for your self, no doubt, where ever these eggs are placed, your guests heads will turn. They come supplied with a free plastic stand to exhibit them on.

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