Amber Gemstone Necklace

Amber Gemstone Necklace
Amber Gemstone Necklace
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An 18 inch long genuine Baltic amber gemstone necklace made out of small tumbled chips of the material which has a high polish. The pieces are a golden yellow colour, semi transparent and emit a golden glow in the right light. An excellent jewellery piece for your self or for a loved one.


Genuine baltic amber neckalce, made using small tumblestones of this gemstone material, it measures 18 inches in length and is a must have for jewellery fans. The pieces of amber may also include plant matter. Always popular among geologists, gemologists and jewellers. The necklace has a deep, rich yellow colour too it and when viewed in excellent lighting conditions, will seem to glow, due to it's radiant and transparent characteristics. Amber became even more well known with the release of the 1993 film, 'Jurassic Park' in which it explained that dinosaur DNA was extracted from mosquitoes trapped within the amber. It will make an excellent addition to outfits with a yellow or orange colour scheme.

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