Amygdaloidal Basalt

Amygdaloidal Basalt
Amygdaloidal Basalt
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Amygdaloidal basalt is a variety of basalt from the Isle of Skye, dark brown in colour due to the high amounts of iron, these specimens exhibit white crystal structures within vesicles known as amygdales. Supplied in a white card tray with a label.


Amygdaloidal basalt is a variety of lava which has crystal infilled former gas vesicles often appearing as small white spots in the otherwise black or dark brown finely crystalline basalt. The infill usually occurs as a secondary process when mineral rich volcanic fluids or ground water deposit minerals such as quartz, calcite and sometimes zeolites in the solidified gas bubbles. These particular samples come from the Isle of Skye, the abundance of iron gives the mineral and dark brown colour. Each specimen is supplied in a labelled card tray with optional sizes available.

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