Apatite Egg

Apatite Gemstone Egg
Apatite Egg
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Apatite gemstone eggs made from high quality samples from Madagascar, they stand 6 cm tall and 4 cm wide, making excellent gifts for many with their deep green colouration, reminding one of the forest. Each egg comes supplied with a free stand for you to place your new gemstone product on.


Apatite gemstone egg, carved from excellent, high quality grade variant of this popular gemstone found in Madagascar, the eggs have a deep rich green colour to them, reminding one of a calm forest of lush jungle. Each egg stands 6 cm high and 4 cm at their widest point. The mineral has long been used through out human history infrequently as a gemstone, with high quality pieces being cut and polished for jewellery. It is also worth noting, that small amounts of apatite have also been found on lunar rocks. These excellent gemstone eggs will make a great gift for someone, especially if they are interested in healing properties and the like, they each come supplied with a free plastic egg stand.

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