Asaphus Expansus - Large

Asaphus Expansus - Large Size Fossil Trilobite
Asaphus Expansus - Large
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  • Family: Trilobite
  • Species: Asaphus expansus
  • Geological Age: Ordovician, 470 to 458 million years ago.
  • Location: Ljungsbro, Sweden.



Asaphus expansus large size fossil trilobite from Sweden, an excellent specimen which shows clear, well defined morphological detail, visible just with the naked eye such as head shield, one of the eyes, thorax, segments tail etc. The specimen has been professionally prepped and cleaned ensuring that it can be easily viewed and identified, it has minimal matrix except for the base which is common with many trilobite fossils and one of the eyes is missing. It is estimated to be from the lower Ordovician age, dating it to between 470 to 458 million years old and was found in Ljungsbro, Sweden, such trilobite fossils are now quite rare, in general across Europe, so one such as this should not be passed up. It will come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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