Aspidoceras longispinum

Aspidoceras longispinum goniatite fossil
Aspidoceras longispinum
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Species Name: Aspidoceras longispinum

Family: Ammonite

Age: Jurassic, Callovian, 163 to 166 Mya.

Location: Beraketa, Madagascar


Aspidoceras longispinum ammonite fossil collected from the Jurassic, Collovian rocks of Beraketa, Madagascar. These ammonites date back 163 to 166 Mya when a marine transgression resulted in the deposition of basinal mudstones in Beraketa; oxygen depleted conditions resulted in the fine preservation of abundant fauna including Aspidoceras sp. This particular specimen is stained white and measures approximately 2 cm in diameter. Supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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