Atrypa Devoniana - Pyritised

Atrypa Devoniana Pyritised Brachiopod Fossil
Atrypa Devoniana - Pyritised
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  • Family: Brachiopod
  • Species: Atrypa devoniana
  • Geological Age: Devonian period, silica shale formation, 419 – 358 million years ago
  • Location: Ohio, USA.



Atrypa devoniana are an extinct species of brachiopod from the atrypa family, these particular fossil specimens come from the famous silica shale formation which is 419 – 358 million years old from the Devonian period. The formation is located in the state of Ohio, USA. They have been prepped and clean so are free of matrix, the shells shape, ribbing and hinge are easily visible even without magnification, however, these specimens are also pyritised, and thus are slightly heavier than usual and also have a metallic lustre, occasional pyrite crystals may also be seen on the surface. The specimens measure around 2.5 cm in size and come supplied in a packet with an information label.

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