Baryte Blades - Morocco

Baryte Blades - Morocco - A
Baryte Blades - Morocco - A Baryte Blades - Morocco - B
Baryte Blades - Morocco
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Baryte crystal blade cluster from Erfoud, Morocco, measuring up to 4 inches in size, these mineral specimens exhibiting excellent crystal habits and calming colouration along with a slight sparkle when viewed in certain lighting conditions. Ideal pieces for display use.


Beautiful baryte mineral specimens from Erfoud, Morocco. Heavy, off white to yellowish crystal masses exhibiting a tabular or bladed, chisel ended form of crystals, belonging to the orthorhombic system. When minerals are thought of as pieces to display because they look interesting, baryte tends not to be in the list, however, these particular mineral specimens show the opposite, their excellent formation and blades and calming colours make for interesting pieces for either private collectors or for those who want a talking piece. These collectors pieces are supplied in a 4" x 3" white card tray with an information label.

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