Beyrichia kloedeni

Beyrichia Kloedeni
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Beyrichia kloedeni
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• Geological Age: Silurian period, 443 to 419 million years old
• Location: Logan Water, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK.
• Family: Ostracod
• Species: Beyrichia kloedeni

Beyrichia kloedeni ostracod fossil specimens, these small crustaceans lived during the Silurian period, over 419 million years ago, found in fine grained silt stone from Logan water, Lanarkshire in Scotland, they are used to reconstruct palaeo-environments.


Beyrichia kloedeni ostracod remains within a fine grained siltstone, these small crustaceans related to shrimps, they were smaller than a finger nail, they were most likely bottom feeders, scavenging the sea bed for organic debris which most likely fell from the upper water columns downward and plankton. Due to their size, they were a main food source for many other smaller animals, which would in turn be preyed upon by larger ones, thus forming an integral part of the ecosystem. Its has recently come to light that ostracods are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, similar to beetles, this has lead to them being used to reconstruct marine palaeoenvironments. These particular samples are the remains of Beyrichia kloedeni, they are dated back to the Silurian period, making them between 443 to 419 million years old found in siltstone from Logan Water, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK.

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