Blue Calcite Egg

Blue Calcite Gemstone Egg
Blue Calcite Egg
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Highly polished blue calcite gemstone egg from Madagascar, measuring 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm. This variety of calcite is a calming blue colour to ease your mind. The mineral its self can be found in a range of colours, it will make an ideal gift or talking piece wherever it is placed.


A gemstone egg carved from pure blue calcite, this calming baby blue coloured mineral comes from Madagascar, as a calcite, it is found in a variety of colours, from white, to orange, brown and more. This mineral is easily identifiable in its natural form due to its cubic cleavage, low hardness and reaction to acids. These specimens have been carved and highly polished into the shape of a gemstone egg and make ideal gifts for many people, from something unique to those with an interest in gemstone healing, where the mineral is said to aid with communication and aids the throat. The eggs are approximately 6 x 4 cm in size, though will vary slightly and come supplied with a free clear egg stand.

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