Bumastus bouchardi

Bumastus bouchardi
Bumastus bouchardi
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Species Name: Bumastus bouchardi

Family: Trilobite

Age: Wenlock Formation, Silurian, 427 to 433 million years old.

Location: Listice, Czechoslovakia


Bumastus bouchardi trilobite fossil of Wenlock age, Silurian. This specimen was found in Listice, Czechoslovakia. Only the pygidium of this specimen has been preserved and is 3 x 2 cm in dimensions found within a limestone matrix. These trilobites lived on and within shallow marine sediments, they had a smooth, rounded head or Cephalon which they used for burrowing. It had pronounced, large compound eyes which gave it a wide field of vision to detect movements and predators. This specimen comes in a small plastic bad with an information label.

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