Calcite and Fluorite - County Durham

Calcite and Fluorite Crystals from County Durham
Calcite and Fluorite - County Durham
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An excellent British mineral specimen exhibiting both calcite and fluorite crystals, the purple fluorite exhibit a cubic habit and vitreous lustre alongside grey calcite barrels. Found in Weardale, Durham, the sample is an excellent piece for serious collectors, measuring 60 mm in size and supplied in card tray with a label.


A beautiful concoction of two common minerals, calcite and fluorite, which have fused to create this specimen from Weardale, County Durham, UK. Both minerals are a feature of hydrotherapy precipitation and have symbiotically deposited to form a dark grey specimen that exhibits cubic crystal habit and vitreous lustre. From certain angles, the specimen appears in different colour ranging from green to purple - although this is only faint, where as the calcite is a dull white to grey colouration. An excellent display piece, this specimen is ideal for a serious mineral collector, particularly those with an interest in minerals of the British Isles, it measures 60 x 60 mm in size and comes supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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