Campo del Cielo Meteorites

Campo del Cielo Meteorites
Campo del Cielo Meteorites
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Campo del Cielo meteorites found in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina. Comprised mostly of iron with small amounts of nickel, copper and trace elements, these metallic lustre meteorites are well sought after by many due to their economical costs and moderate sizes. Each specimen we have on offer is between 25 to 40 mm in size and comes supplied in a card tray with a label. Excellent specimens for educational use and collections.


Campo del Cielo is the name given to a crater field between the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero in Argentina where a group of meteorites impacted the earth approximately 5000 years ago. The area is around 2 x 11 miles in size and contains 26 craters (at the latest count). Originally reported in 1576 by Spanish Conquistadors, the natives of the area knew of the crater long before. We have a small selection of Meteorites from this region, known as Campo Del Ceilo meteorites, they are composed mostly of iron, a little over 92%, with the remaining amounts being other rare metals such as nickel, copper and phosphorus and ppm of trace elements such as Gallium, Germanium and Iridium. The meteorites themselves, appear to look like shiny molten iron, it is silver in colour and has a dull metallic lustre, sizes of the specimens vary slightly and are between 25 to 40 mm. They come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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