Carnelian Egg

Carnelian Gemstone Egg
Carnelian Egg
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Carnelian gemstone egg carved from the quartz type mineral from Madagascar, these eggs exhibit various bands of orange and white colouration which makes them appealing to look at. Placing these eggs in a room will no doubt add a splash of colour, the eggs stand 6 cm tall and 4 cm wide, polished and come supplied with a free egg stand.


Carnelian gemstone egg carved and polished in Madagascar, this quartz family mineral is hard and will often break with a conchoidal fracture. It has an appearanece similar to agate (also a quartz mineral) and can exhibit bands of different shades of orange and white when it forms, just as these particular eggs do. They have a highly polished finish, making them very smooth to handle. They will add an eye catching dash of colour to any room, desk or cabinet where they are placed, no doubt turning heads of visitors, with each egg being approximately 6 x 4 cm in size and come supplied with a free clear plastic egg stand.

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