Carnelian - Kilo Bag

Carnelian Mineral - Kilo Bag
Carnelian - Kilo Bag
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1 kilo of Carnelian mineral specimens from India. Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, which is also a variety of quartz. These specimens range from a deep orange/red to a bright orange colour, and show typical waxy texture. Sizes vary between 20 mm to 50 mm and come supplied in a polythene bag with a data label. Ideal for when large quantities are required for an economical cost.


Carnelian mineral specimens from India, supplied by weight in lots of 1 kilogram, the samples exhibit the typical waxy lustre expected of this mineral, colouration varies slightly piece by piece from a deep red to a bright orange and hues in between. Carnelian its self is a silica mineral, a variety of chalcedony, which in turn is within the quartz family of minerals. It is known to have been used as far back as 1800 BC as a gemstone or decorative stone, likely due to the vibrant orange colouration some pieces exhibit. The colouration comes from iron oxide impurities during formation giving it a rusty red, orange or brown colour. Commonly found in Brazil, India, Serbia and Germany, these particular mineral specimens come from India, they range in size between 20 mm and 50 mm and will come supplied in a polythene bag with an information label.

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