Catopygus columbarius

Catopygus Columbarius
Catopygus columbarius
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• Geological Age: Cenomanian, Cretaceous period, 93 to 100 million years ago
• Location: Wilmington Greenstone, Wilmington, Devon
• Family: Echinoderms
• Species: Catopygus columbarius

Catopygus columbarius fossil specimen exhibiting the said species of echinoid on its own with no matrix. The samples measure roughly 2 cm in diameter and show the slight oval shape, they were found in the Cretaceous period beds in Wilmington Greensand Formation, Wilmington, Devon, UK and are suitable for the more serious collector of fossils. Supplied in a small packet with a data label.


Catopygus columbarius echinoid from the Cretaceous Wilmington Greensand Formation, Wilmington, Devon. These particular specimens date back to the Cenomanian Stage of the Cretaceous period, approximately 93 to 100 million years old, but fossils of this genus are distributed from the Late Jurassic through to Late Cretaceous. Catopygus have relatively small, slightly oval shaped tests and their petaloid ambulacra opens distally. These particular specimens measure approximately 2 cm in diameter and each specimen is sold individually within a small plastic bag with an information label.

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