Clavilithes Longaevus

Clavilithes Longaevus Gastropod Fossil Shell
Clavilithes Longaevus
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  • Family: Gastrpod

  • Species: Clavilithes longaevus

  • Geological Age:  Eocene, 56 to 34 million years ago.

  • Location: Barton Beds, Barton, Hampshire, UK. 



Clavilithes longaevus was a gastropod species which had an intricate spiral shaped shell, inside of which its soft body was contained. The fossil specimen was found in the Barton beds of Barton, Hampshire and measures approximately 14 cm in length and 6 cm at its widest point. The animal was alive during the Eocene period, making it between 56 to 34 million years old. It has been professionally prepped and is completely free of matrix, including as much of the cavity as possible (note, some loose fragments from inside the cavity may drop out from time to time, this is perfectly normal). Specimens of clavilithes longaevus, as with many British fossils are becoming increasingly rare to come by, this one exhibits excellent morphological details and should not be missed out on.

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