Copper (Sculptured)

Copper (Sculptured)
Copper (Sculptured)
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Sculptured pieces of native copper from the famous Keweenaw locality in the USA. The specimens are made from hot smelted copper which has beenpoured into straw and immediately cooled in water, giving rise to the twisted forms. Only available in 2" x 2" box sizes.


Michigan's native copper is used to form these interesting sculptures. Molten copper at 2200 deg. Fahrenheit (1200 deg. C) is poured into straw which is then immersed in water water to rapidly cool the copper. The straw is burned away in the process. Old customs of the early miners indicated that lead was used in the above process and fortune telling was a pastime. On New Year's Day, good or bad luck was determined by the shape and size of the new sculpture formed. These specimens were manufactured in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Only available in 2" x 2" sizes, supplied in a card tray with label.

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