Cretaceous Sandstone

Cretaceous Sandstone
Cretaceous Sandstone
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Cretaceous sandstone rock specimens from the Wealden group found in Philpots quarry, west Hoathly, Sussex. This sedimentary rock is formed in estuarine conditions and exhibits quartz and mica crystals, commonly used as a popular building stone.


This yellow to buff fine sandstone is from the Wealden Group (Hastings sub-group) of the Lower Cretaceous. Approximately 110 million years old. It exhibits large scale cross bedding indicative of fast flowing tidal currents. It is quite soft , friable and flaggy in places and so is extracted mainly for concreting and building sand. Sandstones higher up the sequence such as the Ardingly Sanstones make excellent building stones. This example is from Philpots Quarry, West Hoathly, West Sussex. Specimens are supplied in labelled card trays.

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