Cyathophora pratti

Cyathophora pratti
Cyathophora pratti
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Species Name: Cyathophora pratti

Family: Coral

Age: Jurassic, Sharps Hill Beds

Location: Snowshill Hill Quarry, Gloucestershire

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Excl. Tax: £4.17 Incl. Tax: £5.00


Cyathophora pratti coral which dates back to the Bathonian, approximately 166 to 168 Mya in the Jurassic. Cyathophora were photo-symbiotic suspension feeders which lived in shallow marine, shallow/restricted subtidal and lagoonal environments. These specimens were collected from Snowshill Hill Quarry, Gloucestershire which makes them particularly rare because the quarry was only in operation for a short period. These specimens are supplied in 2 x 2" card trays and naturally their size does vary. The larger specimens are approximately 3 cm in length and the smaller specimens are <3 cm.

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