Dentalium costatum

Dentalium costatum
Dentalium costatum
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Species Name: Dentalium costatum

Family: Dentalium

Age: Miocene, Anversian, 11 to 14 Mya.

Location: Heyst op den Berg, Belgium


Dentalium costatum collected from Miocene deposits in Heyst op den Berg, Belgium. Dentalium is a genus of Tusk Shell which go by the more technical term Scaphopod. They are marine mollusks which live in soft sediments offshore feeding on smaller prey items such as foraminifera. These specimens measure between 7 and 10 mm in length. Their delicacy means that fossils of dentalium are highly liable to fragmentation as is the case with many of the specimens we have acquired. Supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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