Diplocynodon sp - End of Humerus (Capitulum / trochlea)

Diplocynodon sp End of Humerus Fossil
Diplocynodon sp - End of Humerus (Capitulum / trochlea)
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Species Name: Diplocynodon sp.

Family: Alligatoroid

Age: Oligocene

Location: Hamstead, Isle of Wight


The Capitulum / trochlea (end of humerus) of the extinct Diplocynodon sp. alligator. The capitulum and trochlea lies at the end of the humerus within the elbow joint and allows for articulation with the radius. The bone was collected from the Oligocene Hamstead Beds of Hamstead, Isle of Wight. Diplocynodon is an extinct genus of alligatoroid; they were similar in appearance to the modern caiman and they exploited European waters between the Paleocene and middle Miocene. Bones such as these provide useful information when interpreting a prehistoric environment e.g. the fauna present in the Hamstead beds suggests a predominantly freshwater environment with occasional marine influences. This specimen is in good condition; it has retained its overall shape and measures approximately 45 mm in width. Supplied in a small plastic bag with an information.

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