Dumortierite Egg

Dumortierite Egg
Dumortierite Egg
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Dumortierite gemstone eggs from Madagascar, carved from the same metamorphic rock which is derived from the mineral as well as white quartz, sometimes known as 'goldstone', these eggs are excellent gifts for those with an affinity to the colour blue, standing around 5 cm high and 4 cm wide and supplied with a free egg stand.


Dumortierite gemstone egg, carved from the same mineral which is sometimes known as 'goldstone', found in Madagascar, the eggs have been highly polished and exhibit a blue colour as expected with occurrences of white streaks which is quartz. It is in fact a rock, which is often found within contact zones of metamorphic rocks, sometimes mistaken for minerals of a similar colour such as lapis lazuli or sodalite, it is used in high grade porcelain products. The egg stands 5 cm tall and 4 cm wide and come supplied with a free plastic egg stand to display it on.

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