Enchodus sp - Tooth

Enchodus sp - Tooth
Enchodus sp - Tooth
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Species Name: Enchodus sp - Tooth

Family: Fish

Age: Maastrichtian age, Cretaceous, 66 to 72 million years old.

Location: Taouz, Morocco


An Enchodus tooth of approximately 66 to 72 million years of age - Maastrichtian age in the Upper Cretaceous period. This species of fish are well known for their spear like teeth, in fact they are often referred to as "the Sabre - toothed herring" and their teeth are highly sought after by fossil collectors. Their sharp, spear like teeth were perfect for penetrating and holding onto smaller prey animals such as small fish or cephalopods like squid. Enchodus fish grew up to 1.5 m and appear to be closely related to salmon. They existed in the late Cretaceous period through to the early Eocene. This particular tooth is approximately 3.5 cm long, held within a sandy phosphate matrix and are supplied in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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