Eutrichiurides winkleri - Tooth

Eutrichiurides winkleri tooth
Eutrichiurides winkleri - Tooth
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Species Name: Eutrichiurides winkleri

Family: Fish

Age: Eocene, Bracklesham Beds, 55 to 33 Mya.

Location: Lee on Solent, Hampshire


Eutrichiurides winkleri tooth collected from the Eocene Bracklesham Beds in Lee on Solent, Hampshire. Eutrichiurides is an extinct genus of Cultass fish; these fish typically have long, slender bodies with reduced pelvic and tail fins giving them an eel like appearance. They possessed long, fanged shaped teeth within their elongated jaws as evidenced by these examples. The teeth measure approximately 10 - 14 mm and are supplied in small plastic bags with an information label.

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