Fluorescent Adamite

Fluorecent Adamite from Durango in Mexico
Fluorecent Adamite from Durango in Mexico Adamite from Durango in Mexico
Fluorescent Adamite
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Fluorescent adamite mineral specimens from Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico while appearing pale and yellow under normal light, it fluoresces an eerie, alien green colour when under UV light, striking and vibrant, the sample are around 15 mm in size and come supplied in a card tray and labelled.


A fluorescent adamite crystal bed on matrix found in Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico, these excellent mineral specimens are a must have for any serious collector, they a approximately 15 mm in size and exhibit numerous, minute, pale yellow coloured crystals of adamite with a vitreous lustre. The mineral is a zinc arsenate, often found above zine ore deoosits, first described by the French mineralogist Gilbert-Joseph Adam, its type locality is in Chañarcillo, Chile. However, though, the pieces are small, they exhibit a big feature, when exposed to shortwave UV lighting, the crystals glow a vibrant, other worldly green colour, making this hard to come by pieces an excellent choice to add to collections. Particularly if you are keen on specimens from Latin America or ones with fluorescent properties. The samples come supplied mounted on a thin polystyrene base and in a card tray with the information typed on to the back inside.

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