Fluorescent Ammonite Piece

Fluorescent Ammonite Piece under UV Light
Fluorescent Ammonite Piece under UV Light Fluorescent Ammonite Piece Fluorescent Ammonite Piece Close up of ammonite
Fluorescent Ammonite Piece
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An excellent fluorescent fossil specimen of numerous ammonites on a matrix slab which fluoresce an eerie green glowing colour when exposed to short wave UV lighting. The slab is 17 cm in size while the samples are between 2 to 6 cm, an excellent piece for serious collectors.


A slab of ammonites in matrix, the exact species is unknown, with only parts of the shell exposed, however, enough is visible to be easily determined as an animal and to make for an interesting piece. However, the most surprising aspect of this slab is the fact that the ammonite fossils them selves fluoresce when exposed to shortwave UV lighting. Making this a spectacular pieces, especially for serious collectors or for educational purposes. The slab overall, measures 17 x 17 cm and is 3 cm thick and weighs 1501 grams, the fossils them selves, of which there are approximately 3 of, range from 2 to 6 cm in diameter. When viewed under normal lighting, they are a murky yellow colour, however, once exposed to shortwave UV lighting (we used an 8 Watt uv lamp for the images) they fluoresce an eerie, green to pale blue colour, when viewed in complete darkness, the piece seems almost like something from a science fiction movie. An excellent addition to any type of collection, the slab will come supplied with a stand.

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