Fluorite Gemstone Bracelet

Fluorite Bracelet - 1
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Fluorite Gemstone Bracelet
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Fluorite gemstone bracelet, produced using genuine pieces of fluorite from China with a semi transparent appearance. The chips have been tumbled and polished, allowing the light to enhance their beauty. Threaded on an elastic string, they will fit any wrist size.


Tumbled and polished gemstone bracelet made from Fluorite. Fluorite is a halide mineral, often found in heated vein deposits all over the world. Visibly striking thanks to its vibrant colours, fluorite can appear in a array of different colours from green to purple. Our bracelets are available in a mixture of these colours, providing a variety of options for colour matching. This is appropriate as fluorite is said to channel ones creativity. This high quality piece of mineral jewellery is a perfect gift for a loved one.

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