Brunton Non Magnetic Tripod

Brunton Non Magnetic Tripod
Brunton Non Magnetic Tripod Brunton Ball and Socket Mount
Brunton Non Magnetic Tripod
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Technical Spec:
* Adjustable from 48cm to 122cm
* Aluminum & brass construction
* Standard 1/4 - 20 thread
* 2-section adjustable legs
* Pointed tips at the end for no-slip use
* Use with Ball & Socket mount
* Weight: 680 grams
* Optional - Ball and Socket Mount

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Excl. Tax: £120.83 Incl. Tax: £145.00


Although Brunton professional instruments are renowned around the world for their extremely high accuracy, they are still limited to the skills of the user, such as shaking hands, tiredness etc. The Brunton tripod eliminates any unwanted external movements by allowing you to keep your instrument still for as long as you need. Reach ultimate accuracy with the stability of this easy to use tripod. The non-magnetic materials used in the making of the tripod ensure zero interference. The Tripod is telescopic, allowing for easy transport as well as allowing you to set the compass at various heights.

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