Corrugated Plastic Core Boxes

Flat pack core boxes made from corrugated plastic, each box is made of 3 components, the base, the lid and the run insert. These all come flat packed and pre-scored for ease of use and assembely, simply fold along the score lines and the box fits together easily. They are available in white only and the lid comes pre printed with an area to write in drilling data such as grid reference, depth and so on. We only stock on particular size, The overall box dimensions are 80 x 32 x 9 cm, with the box being able to hold 2.5" core sizes (H core size), with 4 runs, holding a total of 3.2 meters worth of core.


Core box closed Core box Open Front lid of core box


100 Core Trays H Size 

£5.00 each (excluding VAT)

Shipping cost = £75.00 (excluding VAT)