Discoverer® Core Boxes

Discoverer® core boxes are among the highest quality core boxes in the world. Made from virgin plastic (non-recycled) plastic to a high quality as expected from this fine company. The Discoverer® range of core boxes have a unique design not seen on core boxes any where else, just some of the features include a unique stacking and nesting system, bold start embossed on the tray, clip in core separators and much more. Apart from this, the design of the box is strong and robust, even when being driven over by a pick up truck! With these core boxes, your drilling samples can be stored indefinitely.


Advantages of Discoverer® Core Boxes

Nesting Nesting Capabilities
stackingStacking Capabilities
full depth channelFull Depth Channels
clip on lidsClip On Lids
built in handlesInbuilt Handles
clip in core separatorsClip in Core Separators
embossed start indicatorEmbossed Start Point
Drainage HolesDrainage Holes
aluminium ID tagsAluminium Tags
ribbed channelsRibbed Channels
tray to tray locking systemTray to Tray Locking
colour coded traysColour Coded

Discoverer® Core Box Demo Video

If the Discoverer range of core boxes are of interest to you, please feel free to contact us via the form (button) below to let us know what your requirements are such as core size required, quantity, shipping address etc. 
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