About UCP Core Trays

UCP core trays are indeed that, a ‘Unique Core Tray Product’. Through years of innovation, UCP can provide you with professional products which have been designed with very specific geological functions in mind. In short, these core trays have been designed by professionals, for professionals.

Core Trays in Warehouse Letterbox Image


Above: UCP core trays full of samples arranged in a core shed awaiting further logging and analysis.



The core trays are made from a strong, durable zincalume metal. This is a steel sheet which has been dipped in a zinc aluminium alloy coating, the steel, which is already strong, thus has its lifespan significantly increased as well as being rust proof, corrosion proof and weather proof. Perfect for use in sector which can span the blistering heat of African desert to the ice-cold fringes of Greenland.

Core Trays In African Heat Letterbox Image


Above: UCP core trays in use on mining site in Africa.



However, what truly makes these trays an industry special is that they come in 2 parts. The base of the tray is made from Zincalume as described above and two UV resistant, durable plastic ends which have been moulded to fit on to the ends of the zincalume sheet. Knocking these ends on effectively completes the tray and is ready for use, requiring only a hammer (rubber mallet preferably) to accomplish this in a matter of seconds. 


How UCP Core Trays Are Put Together