UCP Roller Tables

Excellent designed roller work benches made specifcally for core trays to rest on so that users can observe, study and log core samples whether on site, in a core shed or in a lab. The benches are strong and robust, made from anodised aluminium, ensuring it will stay put when loaded with trays and will not rust. Its ergonomical design allows the angle and height of the roller channels to be adjusted both to suit the users situations, standing, sitting or on a bench. See below for the benifits that these roller core trya logging benches can offer you and your drilling projects.




The roller core racks are made from tough extruded anodized aluminium. This means the racks are both strong to support loaded core trays, yet light weight and easy to move if neccesary and can be used both inside and out as it will note rust. Each unit measures 1.5 meters in length and can be quickly secured to other units to extend their length. This can make logging of numerous core samples more efficient on site.

Numerous small plastic rollers are utilised within the bench to allow smooth and safe movement and operation of the table when logging. Allowing users to easily roll or slide fully loaded trays efforletsly from side to side to move onto the next tray for logging.


Roller Bench up right

Above: an exmaple of two roller logging tables connected together with two loaded core trays.



Roller benches tilted

Above: an exmaple of the roller core table with height lowered and angle adjusted to better suit a user sitting down.
    The ergonomical design also allows users to adjust the height of the work bench to suit their own requirements, whether they wish to sit or stand whislt logging core samples as well as allowing you to adjust the width of the rollers. This allows the one table to handle all  sizes of core trays available from B size to P, while also keeping the core trays safe and secure on the bench. The angle of the table can also be adjusted should users wish to stand, sit on chair or a bench, allowing you to easily observe your core samples with  out any impediment. 



All of the unique benifits listed above can help stream line the over all drilling and core logging operation on site by allowing your geologists or rock techs to easily and eficiently observe and log core samples and effortlessly move from tray to tray with minimal effort, even when fully loaded. The adjustments are easily made, multiple tools are not needed, instead, only one allen key, which you simply use to loosen nuts then adjust to your own preference before tightening back up again and loading up. Log your core samples standing or sitting with this fantastic roller table.    

Roller core Bench with User

Above: a user observing drill core samples whilst seating, utilising the adjustable height and inclination features of the roller table.