UCP Core Tray Options

Within the drilling sector, there are four different bore hole sizes, these sizes from smallest in diameter to widest are: B, H, N and P size. Depending on how deep your project is drilling will determine what sizes of core samples you will be pulling out, this in turn will determine what sizes tray or trays you will need. With the most common scenario being that wider diameter holes are drilled closer to the surface and get continually narrower, the deeper your driller is going. This can mean you may require any number of trays from any of the four sizes stated above. We, Geology Superstore offer four different sizes of core trays made by UCP, detailed below for your logging needs, each size has it's own unique colour scheme, however, should you wish to have a specific colour to your tray or prefer your trays to be made with your own company corporate colours, please feel fre to enquire about this.

BQ Core Tray SpecificationNQ Core Tray Specification HQ Core Tray SpecificationPQ Core Tray SpecificationCore Tray Lid Specifications