UCP Stacking Pods

Another unique core tray accesorie which can assist both on site and at sotrage facilities, the UCP core tray stacking pod is a highly efficient and practical, multipurpose archival core storage system, that can be used to transport the core trays safely and securley to and from the drilling site, to maneuver the core trays around the core shack easily and efficiently, and serve as a permanent archival core storage system for the future.



The Pods can be used to safely transport the core trays to and from the drill site, either by vehicle or helicopter. The four-way entrance allows the Pods to be packed end-on or sideways depending on the vehicle configuration. For greater security and protection of the core the Core trays lids are used.

The Pods are specially designed to fit on the back of a utility vehicle providing safe and secure transport of core trays from the drill site to the core shack:

• Eliminates the necessity for strapping the trays.

• Restricted to a maximum 650kg core per Pod


The core trays can be manually stacked into the Pod with the Pod on the back of the UT, transported to site and then lifted off the vehicle using a forklift or pallet truck.


Single Core Pod

Above: Image of a stacking pod holding BQ size trays.


  • Made from high tensile steel profiles for extra strength, longevity and durability for industrial use on site, in a core shed or warehouse storage facility. The core pods can take upto 650 kg (depending on what rock is being bored and core size used). A table of specification can be seen to the right which will assist you with choosing the right amount of pods needed depending various factors such as amount of drilling projected, number and size of core trays required. A full brochure can be obtain with further details should you request.
Core Pod Specs Pic 

Stackability and Logistics

  • Due to their unique design, the core pods are abled to be stacked upon one another upto a maximum height of 3.2 metres, (a total of 4 pods) this can be done using an electronic or manual high pallet stacker/truck or forklift truck. This allows users to stack core samples in a specific sequence, keeping a particular borehole all together which can be more time effecient in the future should a particular sample have to be re-vsited for further logging and analysis. 
  • The core pods also assist in core tray logistics, their design allows the trays to be tightened in place where they are. A full pod can then be loaded onto a lorry, flat bed, wagon or even air lifted in the more remote areas while the cores stay safely in place within. 
UCP Core Tray Pod Image


Safety Aspects

  • A fully laden core tray can weight anywhere between 20 to 50 kg depending on the rock being held in the tray. For those working on drilling sites, the weight and constant lifting of these trays can pose both short and long term health risks. Utilising a UCP core pod alongside a pallet stacker or forklift in the core shed or storage facilities can considerably reduce this risk by eliminating the human part of the lift, movement and transport within the building. Stackers can also be height adjusted, allowing users to set stackers to a certain height, e.g. torso and arm level, eliminating the risk of back injury by letting users simply obtain particular trays without haveing to bend down.


   Core pod on stacker image