Amaltheus Margaritatus Frame

Amaltheus Margaritatus Frame
Amaltheus Margaritatus Frame Amaltheus Margaritatus Frame Close Up Frame Depth Example
Amaltheus Margaritatus Frame
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Fossil art work depicting ammonite species amaltheus margaritatus from Whitby, Yorkshire, UK, which lived during the Jurassic period over 200 million years ago, the pieces has been professionally preppared in the UK by Barry Hilton of 'Fossil Art' and is an excellent and unique piece of art which any guests you may have, will likely not posses.


A fossil sculpture preppared and framed featuringe genuine ammonite specimens from the Jurassic period. The particular species features in the fantastic piece of art are amaltheus margaritatus dated to the Middle Lias stages of the Jurassic period, they are between 200 to 180 million years old and were found in strata located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK. The pieces have been professionally preppared and mounted onto genuine fossiliferous limestone, exhiting some bivalves and put into a deep inset frame, which measures 23 x 23 x 6 cm in total, with the actual size of the sculpture measuring 9 x 9 cm in size. An excellent piece made by Barry Hilton - BSc of 'Fossil Art', a master fossil prepper in the UK, this artwork will be sure to get your guests talking. The art depicted in the image, will be the actual piece you receive.

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