Fossil Fish and Reptiles - Moroccan Frame

Fossil Fish and Reptiles - Moroccan Frame
Fossil Fish and Reptiles - Moroccan Frame

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A classic selection of Moroccan fossil specimens from the Cretaceous to the Eocene period, collected from the famous phosphate fossil beds in Kouribdga, Morocco. The frame houses over 20 different fossils including sharks, fish, rays and mosasaurs.


A selection of classic fossil specimens from the famous phosphate deposits in Kouribdga, Morocco housed within a sturdy wooden frame. In total, 21 different species are represented in this presentation frame, including sharks, rays and reptiles, with between 1 to 7 individual specimens per species being exhibited. These remains vary from shark teeth to ray mouth plates, to fish vertebrae and even mosasaur teeth. The fossil specimens are all glued down on a velvet backing which is black, thus making the fossil which are often pale stand out. All of the species are labelled in English with the specimens spanning across 3 Epochs, the late Cretaceous, Paleocene and Eocene, a time period of 70 to 45 million years. The fossils are all housed in a sturdy wood frame which measures 49 x 29 x 3 cm in size, an ideal gift item for any one interested in fossil, for children or for viewing in a classroom.

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