Homotelus Bromidensis

Homotelus Bromidensis Side View
Homotelus Bromidensis Side View Homotelus Bromidensis Top View
Homotelus Bromidensis
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Family: Trilobite

Species: Homotelus bromidensis

Geological Age: Bromide formation , Ordovician period, 461 to 458 million years ago.

Location: Oklahoma, U.S.A.


Homotelus bromidensis is an extinct genus of trilobite found in the famous Bromide formation in the state of Oklahoma, U.S.A. They are of Ordovician age, dating them to between 461 to 458 million years old, these particular trilobite fossils are particular hard to prep as they are usually within a strong hard limestone matrix, this type of fossilisation has also resulted in many specimens being crushed during lithification,as this particular specimen has. However, it has retained enough form that all the morphological features expected of a trilobite such as the head shield, eyes, thorax segments and tail are still easily and clearly visible. The specimen has been professionally prepped, measures 50 mm in length and will come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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