Hypsocormus sp - Tooth

Hypsocormus sp - Tooth
Hypsocormus sp - Tooth
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Species Name: Hypsocormus sp - Tooth

Family: Fish

Age: Kimmeridgian, Jurassic, approximately 152 to 157 Million Years old.

Location: Faringdon Gravel, Faringdon, Berkshire


Hypocormus fish tooth collected from Faringdon, Berkshire, UK. These teeth are of Kimmeridgian age; that's approximately 152 to 157 Mya during the Jurassic period. Hypocormus was a fast swimming predatory fish which lived in Europe during the Jurassic. These fish grew up to 1 m in length and they had large tail lobes which provided strong thrusts, forcefully propelling the fish through the water. The sharp teeth, as evidenced by our examples would have been ideal for holding onto slippery food items. Naturally the tooth size varies, anywhere between 4 and 10 mm in these examples. Each tooth is supplied individually in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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