Jurassic Fossils Large Frame

Jurassic Fossils Large Frame Sculpture
Jurassic Fossils Large Frame Sculpture Jurassic Fossils Large Frame Sculpture Close Up Jurassic Fossils Large Frame Sculpture Fossils Exhibited
Jurassic Fossils Large Frame
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A large size fossil sculpture, professionally prepped and framed depicting nmerous Jurassic period marine fossils such as belemnites, ammonites and bivalves found in Lincolnshire. Made in the UK, it measures over 30 cm in size and comes mounted in a sturdy wooden frame to display in your home or office. No matter where it is placed, it is sure to be the centre of attention.


A large and certainly unique piece of art work, this sculpture feaures numerous, genuine, large size fossils specimens, depicting fauna which lived during the Lower Lias stage of the Jurassic period, they are over 200 million years old and were found in Lincolnshire, UK. This piece has been professionally cleaned, prepared and lacquered by Barry Hilton - BSc of 'Fossil Art' in the UK, a master fossil prepper, his fine attention to detail is clearly visible in this piece while still retaining the scientifically accurate appearance of the fossils. The pieces have all been mounted together with a fossiliferous limestone base, fossils exhibited include: belemnites, bivalves of various species, ammonites of various species and internal ammoid chambers which have become infilled with quartz crytsals. As far as Barry's art work goes, this has got to be an amazing piece. All of this is mounted into a deep inset wooden frame, which measures 34 x 29 x 6 cm in size, with the actual sculpture measuring a collosal 14 x 9 cm. Mounting this in any room in your home or office will be sure to garner attention, a unique and interesting piece indeed, the one depicted in the image, will be the actual one you receive.

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