Kainops Invius - Enrolled

Kainops Invius Enrolled Fossil Trilobite Front
Kainops Invius Enrolled Fossil Trilobite Front Kainops Invius Enrolled Fossil Trilobite Back
Kainops Invius - Enrolled
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Family: Trilobite

Species: Kainops invius

Geological Age: Lower Devonian period, 400 million years ago.

Location: Bois d' Arc formation, Cravat Member, Carter County, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


Kainops invius are a trilobite species which belongs to the paciphacops family, and indeed, upon first glance these fossil specimens do look just like standard enrolled phacops. However, kainops tend to have a slightly longer glabella and the facets of the eyes are more numerous, this can be seen on some but not all of these specimens. They are from the lower Devonian period, dating them to approximately 400 million years old and come from Oklahoma, USA. Particularly from the Bois d' Arc formation, Cravat Member which is well known formation in the state for numerous trilobite fossil specimens. These kainops invius are enrolled (curled up) and complete specimens although minor imperfections are present such as chips and scratches, however, they have been professionally prepped and cleaned and look excellent for such small fossils, approximately 20 mm in size they come with a data card, ideal small fossils for collectors, professionals or children.

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