Leguminosites regularis

Leguminosites regularis Fossil Plant
Leguminosites regularis
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  • Family: Plant
  • Species: Acer (exact species unknown)
  • Geological Age: Eocene period, Green River formation, 53 to 48 million years ago
  • Location: Wyoming, USA.



Leguminosites regularis are an extinct species of flora which was present during the Eocene period, the plants grew in what is now Colorado, USA and were collected from the Parachute Creek member in the famous Green River formation. Leguminosites are a species of bean plant, these specimens are between 53 to 48 million years old and show quite good morphological details, the size, shape and even texture of the leaf can be seen, although magnification will further enhance this. The fossil specimens are all on a shale matrix, which varies in size but as for the leaves, they are approximately 2.5 cm in length. Excellent plant fossils with excellent details, suitable for children and even serious collectors. Supplied in a packet with an information label.

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