Lepidolite Egg

Lepidolite Egg
Lepidolite Egg
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Lepidoilite mica gemstone eggs, carved from the popular, lilac coloured variation of this mineral, under certain angles of light, the mineral reflect light back, almost like little mirrors under the surface of the egg. An excellent and alluring gift item for those looking to impress a loved one, they are 6 x 4 cm in size and come with a free egg stand.


Lepidolite gemstone eggs, carved from a variation of mica with a purple hue which is both calming and alluring to look at, these eggs are roughly 6 cm x 4 cm in size, a member of the mica family, this mineral is well known for its colour, naturally, it is also the most abundant source of lithium on the planet. Like other micas, the crystals form in thin laminate sheets overlapping each other and is often found in pegmatite rocks. It also has a natural pearly lustre, which it still retains when carved and polished into an egg, observing the egg under different angles of light allows one to see sparkly flecks of the mica sheets as they reflect light back. An excellent gift for a love one, they come supplied with a free egg stand.

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