Lepidotus sp. - Scale

Lepidotus sp Scale
Lepidotus sp. - Scale
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Species Name: Lepidotus sp. - Scale

Family: Fish

Age: Kimmeridgian, Jurassic, 152 to 157 million years old.

Location: Near Weymouth, Dorset


Lepidotus sp fish scales of Kimmeridgian age, that's approximately 152 to 157 million years ago in the late Jurassic period. Lepidotes are an extinct genus of ray-finned fish which existed during the Jurassic through to the early Cretaceous periods. These fish exploited both shallow marine and fresh water lake environments. The scales vary in size between 5 and 12 mm and each scale is supplied individually within a small magnification box of x4 magnification.

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